Formerly known as Oando Marketing, OVH Energy Marketing Limited (OVHEM) is Nigeria’s leading supplier and distributor of refined petroleum products and licensee of the Oando retail brand.  

With a strong and growing presence in Africa, we have successfully established an unparalleled distribution footprint across Nigeria and parts of West Africa ensuring timely delivery of products and tailor-made solutions that cater to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

OVH Energy Marketing leads the consumer energy market and drives efficiency across Nigeria’s downstream oil and gas sector. 



OVH Energy Marketing Togo

Licensed to market all grades of petroleum products and its derivatives on March 31, 1993, OVH Energy Marketing Togo SA is a leading petroleum distributor in its region. We market and distribute petroleum products via 17 Oando retail stations and engages in bulk trades in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger Republic

OVH Energy Marketing Ghana

Incorporated November 21, 1991, OVH Energy Ghana is Accra’s leading downstream energy company. We market and export petroleum products such as automotive lubricants to some African countries in West Africa and distributes locally via 15 Oando retail stations. OVH Energy Marketing Ghana also offers technical assistance and equipment to support Ghana’s growing petroleum needs.