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OVH Energy Shows Commitment with Valentine Orphanage Visit

Lagos, Nigeria, Feb.20.2017- As part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, Leading supplier and distributor of refined petroleum products, OVH Energy Marketing, (Licensee of the Oando Retail Brand) decided to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day differently. The company and members of staff paid a visit to children of The Lagos State Children’s Center, an obscure orphanage home which houses over 300 children located deep in the Idi-Araba area of Lagos. 

What was unique about this particular visit was although gifts were provided by the management of OVH Energy Marketing, each staff member did not arrive empty handed. Apart from mountain stacks of official gifts which included over two dozen O-Gas cylinders for safe and hygienic cooking, food items, toys, first aid kits and medicines, each staff generously brought a substantial amount of items showing just how committed and authentically concerned the company is about the wellbeing of the children. 

Perhaps overwhelmed by such display of affection, the children all glad in specially made uniforms were all smiles and laughs, clad in their specially made uniforms. The joyous mood was inescapable as the venue mirrored the oil giant’s brand colours of red, white and blue with the children safely shaded from the scorching sun under beautifully decorated canopies whilst being thrilled with jokes and riddles. 

The day took an interesting turn during the dance competition when the children proved that being an orphan does not deter you from enjoying the sounds of music.  It was indeed a day to remember as the children gave their visitors a run for their money on the dance floor.

Speaking shortly after a fierce trial on the dance floor The Chief Operating Officer of OVH Energy Marketing, Mrs. Olaposi Williams noted that the company finds it important to take a step back sometimes to reflect on how it can make a meaningful impact on surrounding communities.  According to her that the company was motivated to visit the orphanage again due to past experiences. “We were here last year and we loved the experience and enjoyed spending time with the children who show love so unreservedly and received us equally so. This year it was a unanimous decision by all the staff to come here as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative” she remarked. 

Mrs. Williams, explaining the choice of orphanage stated that the orphanage, though obscure and not one of the popular ones was deserving of the support especially during this season of love, sharing and giving brought on by Valentine’s Day.

Ms. Abosede Balogun a care taker and representative of the Children’s Center expressed her profound gratitude. “We appreciate this gesture truly because not a lot of people remember the homeless and vulnerable children but you remembered us last year and we were very pleasantly surprised when they showed up again this year. ” she said, shortly after the children rendered a sweet song in appreciation. 

Although corporate visitors are not a new phenomenon to the children at the orphanage, the preparation, decoration and the ambience was refreshing to the children who were overwhelmed with joy and overall gratitude. 

OVH Energy Marketing has over the years embarked on several CSR initiatives to support its environment and communities including the company’s O-Gas Switch campaign which is a corporate social responsibility initiative that advocates the benefits of using Liquefied Petroleum  Gas  (LPG) cylinders and burners over naked flames powered by environmentally hazardous fuels to cook; and the NYSC cooking and debate competition which takes in different camps across the nation to teach upcoming generations the socio-economic advantages of LPG 

Noting that the company will continue to initiate corporate social responsibility on every Valentine Day, Mrs. Williams said the exercise would in future be spread to other parts of the country. 

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