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OVH Energy Hones Young Writers Skills

Writing as an art form has stood the test of time, and is becoming increasingly important as an expression of one’s personality, as well as, a visible, permanent and indelible expression of a person’s inner thoughts.

Psychologists also proffer that catharsis, acquiring new knowledge, better memory, productivity, and increased ability to learn and creativity are some of the benefits derived from writing regularly.
Consequently, excelling in a writing competitions requires immense ability to organise one’s thoughts in a creative and highly intellectual manner. This perhaps explains why OVH Energy is encouraging literacy and intellectual creativity among students with its OVH Energy Prodigy Series themed, “So You Think You Can Write.”

The competition was conceived to further the art of creative thinking and writing in the country. This year’s edition is centred on CSR initiatives and how multinationals could adopt socially responsible practices for their host communities and the nation.

Therefore, it requires that participants suggest trend-setting corporate practices that can be adapted and adopted by corporate organisations to encourage and promote impactful social change in the country.

Explaining why this year’s focus is on CSR, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OVH Energy CEO, Huub Stokman, stated that this initiative is conceived in line with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and with CSR being a 21st century business practice, which is sure to gather accolades for any organisation, there is the need for it to be practised in an innovative and positively impactful way.

“We encourage Nigerian youths to efficiently utilise their creative thinking skills as thought catalysts in suggesting unique and novel solutions to societal challenges. This year’s theme focuses on how leading corporates can positively influence their environment through innovative, socially responsible business practices in the 21st century. Contestants are to suggest innovative social initiatives that can be created and adopted by corporate organisations to encourage and promote impactful social change in Nigeria,” he said.

“OVH Energy conceived this idea to encourage Nigerian youths to effectively free up and deploy their creative energies as thought catalysts in suggesting practical, yet differentiated business solutions to prevailing business problems.

According to the organisers, literacy is important in combating societal ills and impediments, adding, “poverty and a low standard of living are predominant in an illiterate society so an increase in literacy skills will open people’s minds and increase their learning abilities enough to combat sociocultural maladies.

“When literacy is encouraged in any society, that society will in time rise above unemployment, drug abuse, child marriage and record a drop in crime rate, while putting a stop to generational illiteracy. In fact, a high literacy level is sure to improve the economy and contribute positively to national development,” the organisers maintained.

The winner of the OVH Energy Prodigy series will take home a cash prize of N500, 000, an award of honour and publicity via media exposure. The winner’s article would also be published in top national dailies among others.
Citing examples of organisations that have engendered innovative practices in corporate social responsibility, he opined that organisations such as Domtar and The Paper Trail initiative and North Face with their Role Model campaign have differentiated themselves with their original thinking in CSR delivery.

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